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Recruiting BC’s Best.

At Lionsgate Recruitment, we believe the success and growth of an organization is directly linked to the quality of its employees. We are committed to supplying the highest standard of staff that industry can provide. Our process is tailored to every client’s specific needs to ensure optimal results.

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Areas of Speciality

Administration | Reception | Executive Assistants | Data Entry | Office

Supervisor | Management | Executive Search

General Labour | Skilled Labour | Warehousing | Forklift

Sales | Marketing | Communications | Customer Service | Call Centre | Special Events

Logistics | Distribution | Supply Chain | Operations Manufacturing | Production

Information Technology

Are you looking to fill a role immediately? We understand that a business can’t thrive unless each department is functioning at full capacity. It is our commitment to bring you the highest quality of talent available in the marketplace. We’ll get to work immediately to ensure a quick & efficient delivery of service. Get in touch with us today!

Lionsgate Recruitment Group

Lionsgate Recruitment Group
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Open Hours

9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Pacific Standard Time
Monday – Friday

Contact Information
Alex Laird
604 317 7773


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